Complete off grid installations

Aspen Electric and Solar is the most experienced off-grid installation company in the region, Shawn the owner is a NABCEP certified  solar installer # 032611-238. We have completed dozens of projects ranging from micro RV systems consisting of one PV module and a 12 volt battery to large residential scale hybrid systems with solar, wind and hydro. We handle the complete installation including design, permitting, installation and commissioning.


Off grid service and repair

Do you have an off-grid system in need of repair? Are your batteries tired and need replacing? We can help, Shawn the owner is a NABCEP certified solar installer (#032611-238), 25 year Journeyman Electrician and the best in the business at diagnosing and repairing off-grid systems.


Off grid solar inspections

Are you thinking of buying an off grid home? Would you like a specialized off grid solar professional to evaluate the system and give you report? We have inspected, repaired and tinkered with systems as old as 30 years. Let us give you piece of mind or save you from a purchase that you regret.


Living off grid

Living off grid has different meanings to different people. To some it’s a get away from it all cabin in the mountains, to others it’s a full time residence incorporating a permaculture lifestyle. What is consistent in all these is generating all of your own power. This can be done in multiple ways, a generator, micro hydro, wind and most commonly solar using photo voltaic modules. The next major component is method of storing all the energy you make, while there are a variety ways to do this the most common is batteries.

Choosing the best off grid solar installer

Every off grid system is different because it is critical that the system match the needs of the owner in their environment, cookie cutter systems need not apply. Some of the considerations are; how big of a battery bank do you need, how large of a PV array, what kind of fuel should power your generator? This is where an experienced off grid system designer comes in. Living off grid can be the most rewarding thing you will ever do or a nightmare with a poorly designed and installed system.


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