Osborne residence

This is one of our original systems. It consists of 40 Sharp 235 watt modules and a Fronius 10kw inverter.

  • 9.4 kW
  • produces 15,296 kWh’s per year
  • saves approx $1,691 per year

Sageridge School

This system consists of 140 Sharp 235 watt modules and 3 Fronius 11kW inverters.

  • 33 kW system
  • produces 46,298 kWh’s per year
  • saves approx. $5,116 per year


Haley’s SunPower system

This is one of my favorite systems! It’s a 4,928 Watt system using 16 SunPower E-18 308 PV modules with a 5kW SunPower inverter. It has consistently exceeded it’s annual production estimates of 8,144 kWh’s for the last four years leaving the customer to pay nothing but a connection fee for their power bill.

Wooster High School

This is a 52kW system that was built on a steel frame above the roof of the school. The system consists of 220 Sharp 235 watt modules and 6 Fronius 11 kW 3 phase inverters.

  • 51.7 kW system
  • Produces 77,145 kWh’s per year
  • Saves the Washoe County School dist approx. $6,200 per year